When it comes to having a true partner on side who has your best interests at heart, look no further than Adrienne and what she can bring to your business. I find it hard at times to take an objective look at my business and assess how my business plan could be stronger and Adrienne has such an incredible vision for what can be tightened and what works in the market. "

− Nicole Hough of Happy Maggie Foods/Kitchen Calvary

"Os serviços de consultoria de Fernando Salonia Nascimento foram essenciais para a renovação não só estética mais também funcional do nosso restaurante. A sua visão crítica e pratica foi o que nós precisávamos para ajustar e modernizar o visual, o funcionamento e o conceito do nosso espaço e poder não só atender melhor aos nossos já existentes clientes mais também aumentar os nossos ingressos, minimizando custos, maximizando lucros e conquistando novos mercados. "

− Marta Regis Fogaça do Restaurante Villa Foraça

"The services of consulting of Fernando Salonia Nascimento were essential not just to the esthetic renovations but also to the functionality of our restaurant. His critic and practical vision were what we needed to adjust and modernize the esthetics, functionality and concept of our space and be able to cater better not just to our already existing customers but also to increase our sales, lowering costs, maximizing profits and conquering new markets. "

− Marta Regis Forgaça of Restaurante Villa Foraça

"Mr Salonia Nascimento was essential to execute the change on concept that we wanted for our hotel. His good taste and attention to details but without forgetting functionality
was exactly what we were looking for redecorate our rooms and lobby in a minimalistic, elegant and modern way.
We are very thankful. "

− Ana Piacenza of Cabañas El Quincho

"El señor Salonia Nascimento fue esencial para concretizar el cambio de concepto que queríamos para nuestro Hotel. Su buen gusto y atención al detalle pero sin olvidar la funcionalidad fueron exactamente lo que buscábamos para decorar nuestras habitaciones y nuestro lobby de una forma sencilla, elegante y moderna.
Estamos muy agradecidos. "

− Ana Piacenza de Cabañas El Quincho

"Adrienne is a virtual "tea knowledge base" who specializes in the marketing and sales of specialty tea products and services. Adrienne has expertise as an educator to the hospitality industry with focus on preparing and serving specialty teas and coffees. She is a popular, informative and entertaining keynote speaker for events and presentations in these beverage verticals. I recommend Adrienne for both her vast knowledge and engaging presentation style."

− Richard Persen, Technical Communications Consultant

"Adrienne is a creative dynamo, equipped with the knowledge and experience to bring her ideas to fruition. She is passionate and driven, but always moves with an eye towards how her work reflects her humanity. If you're like Adrienne, you'll never need to cut corners, because you're already blazing your own trail.

− Melissa McGrath, UX Design Student