About Kristen

Kristen Seal is founder and CEO of Gimbal Print, a full service printer based in Miami, Florida USA. The company was founded in 2014 to serve the need of businesses who require a personal account manager to fulfill the entirety of their marketing collateral.

Kristen received her BFA in Graphic Design from Barry University in Miami and found her footing in the print world as the lead account manager for one of the oldest print shops in Manhattan.  Her clients ranged from corporate giants like Time Warner Cable, and The United Nations to the leading graphic design and advertising agencies in NYC.  She returned to Miami and became one of the top commercial print account managers in the Miami Area for Printing and Promotional Products at Staples.  Staples, as a Fortune 500 Company, has an invaluable training program and she soaked up the knowledge like a sponge. Also well versed in small business, Kristen founded an aromatherapy company called, Earth Scents, and in addition to creating the product line, she designed the handmade glass packaging with a local artist.

Kristen enjoys life as a new mother to the adorable RJ and enjoys yoga when she has a spare moment. She has found peace in her 12 year yoga practice and enjoys being a student on the path.