Fernando Salonia Nascimento

Quadrilingual restaurateur and business owner, Fernando Salonia Nascimento has lived and worked all over the world. His photographic work has been called “raw and spontaneous with a minimalistic feel”. Armed with an extraordinary eye for design, he has created some of Miami’s most creative concepts to date, including launching the first fully organic and ‘green’ restaurant with Metro Organic Bistro. With his intense passion for fine food, wine, art and music, Nascimento creates everything he does with a finely tuned attention to detail. He has a special talent for curating the perfect gallery shows, seeking out artists that complement each others work perfectly. Whether he is designing a classic tattoo studio, creating a small intimate dinner for 20, or orchestrating a gallery show for hundreds, Fernando Salonia Nascimento produces beautifully creative, simple concepts with a modern flair. He looks forward to contributing to the success of  your projects.